Your evening stroll in the woods has taken an unfortunate turn - the night has become bitterly cold and you are lost!

You stumble across a strange old house hidden in the trees. Maybe this is the old Rutherford mansion? Rumour has it their three priceless diamonds were never found after they died.

You push open the heavy front door and step inside… but the door slams shut behind you, and refuses to open again. You are trapped!

* * *

It will take all your skill and courage to escape THE SPOOKY HOUSE and its assortment of spooky residents. 

Good luck!

* * *

Spooky soundtrack available here:

* * *

Use cursor keys and 'z' to make your way around The Spooky House!

PlatformsmacOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPICO-8
Tagsflipscreen, Retro, Spooky


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played this with a group of friends and we were cheering and whooping the whole time -- so good!!


Thanks so much for playing! Very impressed that you managed to escape the spooky house! πŸ•ΈπŸ‘»πŸˆβ€β¬›πŸ€πŸ”¦πŸš


cute art style !

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Played and won. Found 3 diamonds. Did not solve the skull.

For awhile there I thought I had to use the flashlight to shine on every empty square in the house for an invisible object. Did not know it was merely a weapon. Might be an idea for future game to have an invisible object that can only be seen with the flashlight.

"You have escaped the spooky house."

Here is $2 for you. Very enjoyable. Please keep me posted to any future games you write.

That is an excellent idea about the torch!

Thank you for playing - and congratulations on your escape!

Is there a Pico8 cart in the downloads or are they only win/mac/Linux ports ?

No Pico-8 cart because I am too ashamed of my shonky coding!

Too bad, I'm putting finishing touch on an arcade Pico8 and would have loved to play it on it

HI! Cute game, got all diamonds! I'm wondering whether there's a way to get out of the house now though, or if the game just ends with you trapped inside. I got the torchlight, key, record and mittens+scarf+hat, but nothing will let me open that entrance door.

Ah, well done! You have mastered the secrets of the spooky house. There is a final key and it's a little tricky to find so I might change it.  It's behind where one of the diamonds is found. Dont want to give too much away here but it's in the west wing on the ground floor!


(Ps. I'm a big fan of your games! Thanks for playing!)

Great little game! I found all the diamonds! :)

Thanks, and well done! You'll be rich when you get back home!

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Very nice game! I really liked the 1 bit graphics and the sounds and the puzzles where nice and well designed. I loved it and I am considering buying the soundtrack too. 
PS: I think I will play through the game again, since I only found one diamond. It is possible to get more, I guess?


Thank you! Yes, there are three diamonds. They're not too tricky to find. Let me know if you need any hints!

I just tried again and this time I found all 3 diamonds :-).

But I have one question left: Do the hat, the scarf and the mittens have a purpose or is it just so my character does not catch a cold on his way back through the woods?


Well done!! I tried to emphasize in the reame.txt file how cold and lost you were when you stumble across the spooky house. So they're just to make you feel good and ready for the outside world! Also you have a torch I guess?

Yes, I read that, nice to hear that I came to the right conclusion :-). I have the electric torch, is there another one?


No that's the one! I'm sure you'll find your way out of the woods now!

a very excellent spooky house!! nice big layout, fun to explore, A++  :>


Thank you! I'm a big fan of Feed The Ducks. X


What ever will you conjure up next


Charming and spooky - well worth the download for this lovingly crafted gem!